Join the Revolution: Fee-Free Bank Accounts & Feature/Benefit Comparison

In hopes to lessen the confusion and assist more people make the change to no fee banks, I have compiled a list of fee-free online banks along with their features so that you can make a more educated decision sans headaches.


Update on Jasper & Introducing Post Series

Hey all, long time no see! I’m sorry for the long delay in posting, life’s been hectic and I haven’t really had motivation to write up until recently. I don’t want to drone on about my depression, but it really does affect my life in so many ways; including lack of motivation and inspiration. I’ve been feeling slightly ‘better’ recently and I’m hoping I’ll find a way to make it stick.

Enough about me – we all know it’s Jasper you came here to read about. Unfortunately, I have some bad news: I’ve had to wash Jasper from service dog training. This means that during training, we came to the realization that Jaz does not have the proper temperament to be a service dog. Don’t get me wrong: he’s a good boy and we all love him, he’s just not fit for service work.

We are now looking into finding a proper prospect though Dogs Downtown who will be helping us train the new pup once found. I’m super excited to move forward with this but now realize how important it is to have our current dogs properly trained before introducing a new puppy and will be working with our pack on their obedience extensively prior to making any decisions.

Oh, and if anyone was interested, I forgot to post Jasper’s DNA results:


So, in other words, completely not a goldendoodle/lab mix *eyeroll*

I also want to announce that I will be updating this blog more often, and will soon introduce my new blog post series ‘Boss Babes’, wherein I will share tips and info for all the women out there aspiring to be their own boss.

Keep an eye out for those updates as well as more on the doggos!


Talk to you soon,



Dog Training Begins!!

Hey guys!

Things are going well, Jasper’s growing fast and things finally seem to be moving forward.

Yesterday was Ava’s first obedience training lesson at Dogs Downtown VA and it is such a relief to finally start on our dogs’ training. We started with Ava out of our two olders because Ava is going to be accompanying me as my ESA on a trip to Canada and New York for vacation and my cousin’s wedding (#sailawaywithmoe)! This is a very short timeline to get her prepared for the outing, which includes flights to and from, but I am hopeful that she will learn in time. She’s a very smart girl, and has so much ambition. As part of her training, we need to get her properly socialized, so if anyone wants to come play with her call or text me!

Ava and Jasper sitting upright together on the stairs, Jasper right up in Ava’s personal space

She has, in the past few weeks, taken on the role of Jasper’s dog mommy. She takes great care of him and is quickly teaching him the ways of the world. It’s quite amusing watching them interact; Ava somehow understands that he is fragile and knows to play more gently with him than she would Cosmo or Mosby, or any grown dog for that matter.

While she allows him to snuggle with her and chew on her face, she is carefully showing him what is and what is not acceptable when interacting with his fellow canines. He’s stubborn, but he’s, albeit somewhat slowly, getting the point.

Yesterday was also Jasper’s service dog evaluation to see if he has the potential to be a service dog. I was not present for the evaluation, as I was with Ava for her training session, but he was given the go-ahead to begin training which should begin in about a week or so.

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Meet Jasper.

It has been recommended by my doctors that I get a service dog to help mitigate my symptoms and provide me with the tools I need to function at a level where I might be able to go back to school full time. That said, I’d like to introduce you to Jasper!


A Money Savvy Thrifter’s Guide to the Facebook Marketplace

A Facebook feature called Marketplace made its debut earlier this year and has since soared in popularity – even inspiring some to say that it’s become a close competitor to Craigslist. It was previously only accessible on mobile devices, but has become available on your computer via this link.

Snapchat and Instagram may have become insanely popular with kids and teenagers, but everyone knows Facebook is where it’s at. The home base of social media sites, Facebook is like your starting point. Why else do you think so many apps allow you to ‘Login with Facebook’? Its popularity doesn’t seem to be dying down, nor does it appear to be anytime soon.

Whether you think of it as the social media for old people is irrelevant – there is money to be saved (& made) through this platform. Facebook has provided an easy way to buy and sell items to the everyday person – people who may not be on eBay or Craigslist. Some of these people have clutter they just want gone and are willing to sell items for next to nothing in order to get rid of it. I’ve seen furniture in wonderful condition being posted for free, just so the owner won’t have to haul it away.

I’ve spent months and months on this platform religiously – both buying and selling – and have come up with some tips for anyone who is considering utilizing this tool.

First off, it’s important that you know the history. Many Marketplace sellers originated from local selling Facebook groups, and have brought with them their slang. When you start off, it may be confusing to see comments like, “SA? Int, BU pls” or the likes. Knowing the lingo can help you better navigate and understand the buyers & sellers.

As with any in-person deals, it’s also hugely important to be aware of safety issues – if you feel uncomfortable meeting up with someone for a sale or a purchase, DON’T. There are safe places that you can meet, such as local sheriff’s offices, however if you’ get a bad vibe from someone there is nothing wrong with a little white lie. “Sorry, it’s pending pick up,” is better than becoming the next headline’s victim.

Don’t, however, think that this is super dangerous – I’ve done hundreds of transactions, both selling and buying, and have never had an issue. There are so many great people on Marketplace who are honestly just looking to buy and sell. They are the majority. Just use common sense and don’t meet up in a shady parking lot at midnight and you’ll be fine.

If you’re always looking for a specific type of good, such as computers or books or scrap metal, you can have Facebook notify you when a new item has been posted. Simply input the search terms you want to use and any filters for location, price, and category, and hit that fancy little ‘Get Notifications’ button at the top right corner, under ‘Sell Something’.

There are scammers and jerks out there that you should keep an eye out for. Sometimes, people will try and sell broken items as working, so always thoroughly check over and test all expensive electronics prior to handing over your money. A pretty safe rule for scam prevention is to never pay online or before getting the item, and to be careful giving out personal contact information such as phone numbers and email addresses. As I’ve mentioned before, if you feel uncomfortable, back out.

When you’re ready to start selling, be sure to join some popular local buy-sell groups. Once you’re admitted into the groups, you can go on your mobile device and share items you’ve posted to those groups – increasing your audience. Be warned though, many groups have rules to protect their buyers, so make sure to check those out and post to the groups you are familiar with.

Successful sellers price reasonably, describe items well, and are very responsive to messages. There will be no-shows and time wasters, but I personally find the time invested worth the profit (and extra space!).

Have you participated in buying or selling on Facebook? How was your experience? Do you have any questions? Let us know in the comments below!