Update on Jasper & Introducing Post Series

Hey all, long time no see! I’m sorry for the long delay in posting, life’s been hectic and I haven’t really had motivation to write up until recently. I don’t want to drone on about my depression, but it really does affect my life in so many ways; including lack of motivation and inspiration. I’ve been feeling slightly ‘better’ recently and I’m hoping I’ll find a way to make it stick.

Enough about me – we all know it’s Jasper you came here to read about. Unfortunately, I have some bad news: I’ve had to wash Jasper from service dog training. This means that during training, we came to the realization that Jaz does not have the proper temperament to be a service dog. Don’t get me wrong: he’s a good boy and we all love him, he’s just not fit for service work.

We are now looking into finding a proper prospect though Dogs Downtown who will be helping us train the new pup once found. I’m super excited to move forward with this but now realize how important it is to have our current dogs properly trained before introducing a new puppy and will be working with our pack on their obedience extensively prior to making any decisions.

Oh, and if anyone was interested, I forgot to post Jasper’s DNA results:


So, in other words, completely not a goldendoodle/lab mix *eyeroll*

I also want to announce that I will be updating this blog more often, and will soon introduce my new blog post series ‘Boss Babes’, wherein I will share tips and info for all the women out there aspiring to be their own boss.

Keep an eye out for those updates as well as more on the doggos!


Talk to you soon,




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