Oh, another ‘meet the author’ post.. yay

Project: Brittkade is the latest in a long line of blog attempts, most of which have been abandoned and forgotten. I’m not actually holding out much hope for this one, except for the fact that I like my URL. Plus, things are kind of looking up at this point – writing is starting to be more fun, like it used to be. I’m hoping that by writing more, I’ll be able to ignore the perfectionist in me and stop scrapping all my ideas.

So yeah, this blog is as much for me as it is for my (future) readers. Writing has, and always will be, my favorite form of expression. As such, I will likely be posting some rants and personal thoughts here as well.

And now, the part you’ve been waiting for: ABOUT ME!

The name’s Britt, and I’m 19 years young living in Virginia, USA. I am a creative and crafty person, when my depression allows me such luxuries. I also enjoy tinkering with and repairing computers as well as laptops and other electronics.

Yeah, I hate talking about myself. SO, enjoy the blog!!