Dog Training Begins!!

Hey guys!

Things are going well, Jasper’s growing fast and things finally seem to be moving forward.

Yesterday was Ava’s first obedience training lesson at Dogs Downtown VA¬†and it is such a relief to finally start on our dogs’ training. We started with Ava out of our two olders because Ava is going to be accompanying me as my ESA on a trip to Canada and New York for vacation and my cousin’s wedding (#sailawaywithmoe)! This is a very short timeline to get her prepared for the outing, which includes flights to and from, but I am hopeful that she will learn in time. She’s a very smart girl, and has so much ambition. As part of her training, we need to get her properly socialized, so if anyone wants to come play with her call or text me!

Ava and Jasper sitting upright together on the stairs, Jasper right up in Ava’s personal space

She has, in the past few weeks, taken on the role of Jasper’s dog mommy. She takes great care of him and is quickly teaching him the ways of the world. It’s quite amusing watching them interact; Ava somehow understands that he is fragile and knows to play more gently with him than she would Cosmo or Mosby, or any grown dog for that matter.

While she allows him to snuggle with her and chew on her face, she is carefully showing him what is and what is not acceptable when interacting with his fellow canines. He’s stubborn, but he’s, albeit somewhat slowly, getting the point.

Yesterday was also Jasper’s service dog evaluation to see if he has the potential to be a service dog. I was not present for the evaluation, as I was with Ava for her training session, but he was given the go-ahead to begin training which should begin in about a week or so.

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